About Us

We are dedicated to brands

Who we are

Inula is an advanced buying platform developed by the R&D lab of Vuble


Laurent Bury

Head of data science

Khalid Mehl

Head of data science

Jean-Christophe Huchet


Pierre Claudon


Our Technology

We provide a sophisticated and exclusive buying platform.

Digital Authenticated users

We let you match the segmented audience to more than 190M
authenticated users, that we track and recognize across every screen
including connected TVs. You can also embed your own segments.

Highest ROI

By controlling user’s recognition and quality of exposure at each
touchpoint, Inula guarantees to avoid under/over delivery and avoids
non-impactful impressions. By doing so, Inula gets closer to a digital
GRP which you can compare with linear TV.

Users attention

Users attention is linked to the quality of exposure your ad receives.
We go beyond viewability by delivering different KPIS that must all
happen synchronously.

Comparison measurement

We let you compare and see in real-time the quality and reach your
potential ad tech partners provide to your campaigns.


  • Inula helped us apply a TV quality of experience across our digital buys, and start a conversation with the right users. Results were immediate

  • There is no other partner that was able to provide these results with such a transparency

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